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Pet Portraits~ I love photographing pets, especially puppies! These two little ones came to the studio last month and they were just the most fun. It took a while for them to settle down as it was a new place with new smells. Once we wore them out the pictures got good. I think they exhausted their Mom but she was so happy to get some beautiful portraits. Pet portraits are the perfect way to preserver those wonderful memories that you have of your fur babies. I know we treasure our portraits of our beautiful Amber.  Many Thanks Danielle for bringing Emme and Jimmy to The Picket Fence Studio for their pet portraits.

Dawnn Wiesinger

As always I used my spider TD6 and my 42inch reflector from Westcott 


About Dawnn Wiesinger

Dawnn began her career a painter and has a BFA in Visual Communications from Herron School of Art and Design. She has a passion for creating classic, elegant portraits. She is a master of light with an endorsement from FJ Westcott. Her work is light, pure, honest, whimsical and full of beautiful color. Dawnn's approach with clients is relaxed, fun and thoughtful. She will create one of a kind portraits of your children that you will cherish for a lifetime. We look forward to working with you!


  1. Omgosh, such cuteness!!!! I love everyone of them!

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